i never felt like a princess
i used to kid myself in this dress





people who complain about “getting too many asks”


people who get straight A’s and every test they say “im so gonna fail”image

People who say their art sucks when its clearly amazing


Having a student who just can’t pass his fucking driver’s test


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Blouse Collars, 1940s-50s - By Charlotte Dymock.

there was a lot of bullshit in the forties and fifties but the style was not part of it

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Because I don’t love my body yet, but I will do nothing to take away the  possibility loving it tomorrow. 

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Sometimes i fucking hate my body cause of whats happened to me and how my body was used by my rapist and molester and everyone and i just want to hurt myself or escape this fucking shell somehow. Advice on how to deal?


You’ve made the first step by at least recognizing /why/ you hate your body.

Knowing the exact problem allows you to better problem solve.

You hate your body because it was hurt. and it was used.

and here’s the thing- hating your body is a step better than just hating yourself…

but it is highly indicative.

the biggest piece? is forgiving yourself. and your body.

and understanding that you are your body and your body is a part of you.

it wasn’t your fault.

it wasn’t your body’s fault.

nothing about you caused the rape to happen.

your body did not cause the rape to happen.

other than that piece- there are other things you can do.

One thing is to appreciate what your body does for you. and like consciously. We get messages all the time to consciously hate our body- or we do it because it doesn’t do something we like.. but we very rarely stop and appreciate what our body does do.

It feels really ridiculous- but sometimes when I hang out with one of my friends- who I call absinthe, and we’re just kind of laying in a pile… I take a second to appreciate that I have a body that can cuddle and tickle and allow me to take comfort in someone else’s body heat.

He’s really the one.. when we were seniors in highschool we went to the beach and it was hot. everyone else was walking around in shorts and bikini tops or tanktops.. and I was wearing jeans and a hoodie. I rarely took my hoodie off in highschool and definitely never wore shorts.  until Absinthe. The boy is topless whenever it is legally allowed. and he appreciates his body. Truly appreciates it. and all the weird things it does. (He can do this weird breathing thing that makes his stomach swell up like he’s pregnant. and it’s great to hang out with him because he’ll just randomly do it and start patting his stomach because he’s so amused.) and he has four nipples though the extra pair are really small so if you don’t know you might just think they were moles.

and just.. like my mom has a picture of me and him after pride one year- and I had a Z done in glitter on my chest and I’m just wearing a bra and my jeans- and he had my initial done on his chest too.

He’s been such a big help in me becoming comfortable with my body.

We don’t often get messages to appreciate our bodies. and we don’t talk about appreciating them either. 

another thing is just.. I like to take time to do things for my body that my body likes.

Like touching soft fabrics.

and cuddling.

or making nice meals and just.. appreciating the taste and appreciating that this- this is a thing I can do. 

and scrubs to make my skin feel nice.

or sometimes I dress up and appreciate the way that my body looks- even though it isn’t the stereotypical definition of beautiful.

and loving our bodies is hard. and accepting our bodies is hard. especially with a history of trauma…

it’s been an uphill battle. I wrote a piece a while ago and it should be in the msc tag- but I wrote a letter to my body. and towards the end I said something along the lines of

'This isn't a love letter.

but I would like to write you one.. someday.’

I have at least stopped hating my body for things that weren’t its fault. and understanding that it truly is a piece of me. that I’m not just a brain piloting a slab of meat. that I am allowed to be a cohesive being.

and so are you.

Take care of yourself, okay?

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omg what if we named animals after the sound they make like in pokemon

“take the bark for a walk”

“hey could you feed the meows”

“hey look at all those moos”





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we need better sex ed because I know a girl who thought that the female orgasm always involved squirting so she fakes by peeing on guys and this needs to stop


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This is the guy that played Neville in Harry Potter.

i like his new wand 

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white people who literally just don’t get it: a biography

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